The Tulsa Race Massacre destroyed generations of Black wealth. This descendant is seeking ‘economic justice’, and few financial advisers expected to recommend cryptocurrencies to clients


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Few, if any, financial advisers expected to recommend bitcoin and dogecoin to clients — here’s how many now suggest buying crypto

A new report by the Financial Planning Association looks at the changing attitudes to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and dogecoin. Read More

The Tulsa Race Massacre destroyed generations of Black wealth. This descendant is seeking ‘economic justice’

‘The younger generation gives me hope,’ says Nehemiah Frank, the editor-in-chief of The Black Wall Street Times. Read More

Vaccinated against COVID? Get 2 free Krispy Kreme doughnuts this Friday

Krispy Kreme has already given away 1.5 million free doughnuts to vaccinated customers Read More

‘If it got too successful it would be destroyed’: Remembering the Tulsa massacre, when a white mob destroyed ‘Black Wall Street’ 100 years ago

In roughly 24 hours, the mob destroyed an estimated $1.47 million — or more than $20 million in today’s dollars — of Black-owned homes and businesses. Read More

Cruises are finally returning to U.S. ports — here’s what will be different post-COVID

The experience could be very different for people who are vaccinated against COVID-19. Read More

Should you buy your leased car? Yes, here’s why

The dealer where you leased your car maybe bugging you to turn in the vehicle early and lease another. Here are five reasons to buy it. Read More

It might take time for ESG funds to show up in your 401(k)—how to invest sooner

It may be a while before sustainable investments are available within workplace retirement plans. If you’re eager to get into ESGs, here are some options. Read More

This is the compact car that costs the least over 5 years

It starts below $20,000, has excellent resale value, sharp styling, good standard safety features and gets 43 mpg on the highway. Read More

What are crypto credit cards and should you get one?

Credit cards offering rewards in digital currencies such as bitcoin are hot right now, but you could get burned. Here’s what to know about credit card rewards and cryptocurrency. Read More

My elderly mother-in-law has progressive dementia. My sister-in-law charged her $70K in rent. Is this ethical?

‘My wife and I watch her during the day three or four times a week, and we’ve put in tens of thousands of hours and never been compensated.’ Read More

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